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A partner in your pursuit of health

From the major challenges to the everyday moments in between, Florida Blue is committed to helping people and communities achieve better health.

Find doctors outside Florida or within Florida

To locate doctors, hospitals and other participating providers outside of Florida, use the National Doctor and Hospital Finder.  Enter the 3 letter prefix XJB (PPO) and enter you zip code or city and state in the location field and select “Go”.

Within Florida, use Florida Blue’s provider directory and select our BlueOptions plan. It’s that easy!

Care consultants who truly care

Count on our trusted advisors to help you make sense of health care, maximize your plan benefits, understand your health care choices - and get quality care that’s right for you.

Convenient tools online and mobile

From benefits, claims and ID cards to patient ratings for doctors and cost estimates for medical services, your account at has it all - 24 hours a day.

Exclusive member discounts

Enjoy Blue365® member discounts and save up to 50% on gym memberships, weight loss programs and a variety of health products and services - 365 days a year.

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